Keith Taylor

Keith has always been a veteran businessman. He was involved in building retail, wholesale, and franchises, he was a partner and sales manager in a manufacturing firm in which was grown to over $13 Million.

One day, while preparing to travel to Seattle for a business trip, he got an early call from his nephew. After talking for a short time, his nephew noticed that something was wrong. He asked him to hang tight before heading to Seattle. In the meantime, his nephew called Keith’s wife at work and had her get home right away.

When his wife got home, they went right to the hospital where the nurses asked him many questions-

  • When were you born?
  • Where do you live?
  • Who is in your family? On and on…

Once they discovered he couldn’t answer those questions, the testing began.

He’d had a stroke!

After experiencing his stroke, and struggling to get back to work right away, he ended up selling his ownership in the company.

Keith is now blogging and building up a training program capitalizing on his unique experience and insights gained through his recovery

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