Alison Shapiro

Alison works with rehabilitation patients, rehabilitation service providers and caregivers.  Surviving and thriving after having experienced two devastating brain stem strokes herself, she is a stroke recovery and mindfulness teacher.

She has taught and coached thousands of stroke survivors, their loved ones and care-providers. In 2009 she co-produced the DVD What Now? Sharing Brain Recovery Lessons. This video is used across the world to help survivors and family members reframe their ideas of recovery, build hope and begin to understand what may be possible for them.

Alison’s published art and illustration includes: Just for Today, The Adventures of Tigy and Elly, and the phoenix image for Mind Matters Research.  Her published writing includes the book Healing into Possibility: The Transformational Lessons of a Stroke, and various articles and blogs. Find more information about Alison’s work at: Healing Into Possibility.

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