Episode 104, Elyse Newland Part 1 – Going holistic

Elyse is an occupational therapist from Chattanooga, TN. She worked as a travel therapist across the country before returning home in 2019 to take a home health care position. Since she started working she’s recognized that the U.S. healthcare system is broken. She’s seen and heard time and again from survivors that they don’t get the education, quantity, or quality of therapy they need.


Unfortunately, Elyse’s perspective was further validated when her grandmother had a TIA in October of 2019. The personal experience of seeing her grandmother in the hospital with a TIA opened her eyes to the extreme trauma a survivor and their family endures. And Elyse was extremely frustrated with the lack of education and lack of high-quality therapy provided to her grandmother after her discharge from the hospital.


This started to turn the gears in Elyse’s mind. Then the pandemic ramped up mid-March and she made a big decision. She quit her stable home-health care job to start a holistic teletherapy practice designed specifically for stroke survivors. 


Her goal was and is to provide not only direct one-on-one care, but also to develop resources for survivors regardless of insurance status. Elyse is extremely passionate about her work and advocating for the needs of stroke survivors. 


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