Episode 93 Multistem, A Game Changer – Interview With Gil Van Bokkelen, CEO of Athersys

Dr Gil Van Bokkelen, Ph.D., CEO, Athersys, Inc

Multistem®, a drug-like cell therapy to treat stroke with adult stem cells is developed by Athersys (ATH-er-sis), a clinical-stage biotechnology company founded by a group of leading scientists in 1995. In Episode 91, we interviewed Sharon Thomas, a survivor who experienced miraculous recovery after given multistem.

Athersys is conducting the Phase 3 clinical trials for MultiStem®. During Phase 2 trials in the U.S, the studies showed that MultiStem® could extend the treatment window for ischemic stroke patients to 36 hours, compared to the 3 or 4 hour window to treat patients with TPA. That meant individuals who may have had a stroke in their sleep, or patients who did not recognize the symptoms right away, might still have a favorable outcome with MultiStem® versus TPA.

Multistem® has obtained FDA’s Fast Track designation. It is also in Phase 3 studies in Japan. Our guest today is Gil Van Bokkelen, CEO of Athersys, who will share with us exciting progress of Multistem®.


Multistem, a drug like cell therapy delivered through an IV injection.



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