Episode 86 Bringing Stroke Care to Survivors in Ghana – 2nd Interview With Dr Jabuni

Stroke Association Supportnetwork- Ghana Working With Survivors

Bringing stroke care to those who do not have access is the mission for Stroke Association Support network- Ghana, which is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization established by a small group of Ghanaians on 16th March 2012. In Ghana, there are only 4 hospitals in the south of the country who provides stroke care to survivors. Stroke Association Support network- Ghana is working hard to change that. With its successful experiment, Stroke Association Supportnetwork- Ghana was nominated for the African Youth SDGs Award in the* LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND *category. Today, Dr. Ben Jabuni, the president of the Stroke Association Support network- Ghana will share with you their exciting progress and big dreams they work hard to turn into reality.

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