Episode 52, A Very Young Survivor Rebuilding Her Life

Stroke does not discriminate. It happens to everyone, even very young kids.

Laurel Fontaine is a survivor who lives in North Attleboro, MA. She suffered a massive stroke at age of 11. Laurel staid in two hospitals for 4 months. Doctors said she would never walk or talk again.

Undeterred, Laure’s parents enrolled her in Melodic to Nation Therapy in Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 2009.  In this process, her mom gave up her job to take care of Laurel. Her twin sister accompanied Laurel to the therapies. When she was first admitted, 23 people from her family went to visit her to wish her well. Many people donated to pay for Laurel’s therapy.

The efforts paid off. She was very successful that rehab. Laurel is working now.

Today, Laurel will share her stories.

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