Episode 44 David Karchem – The Survivor With A Dream

David Karchem

More than 9 year ago, David Karchem suffered a stroke on his way home. The former executive’s life took an unexpected turn.

In his recovery David found his new calling. He is now heavily involved with University of Southern California stroke research projects. In 2016, he got involved with the Strokefocus community after our launch.

David wants to apply his own experience to drive stroke care to improve. He wants to challenge the myth that stroke recovery ends in 18 months. He uses his own experience, that he gained his smelling sense back in more than 6 years to prove that recovery extends much longer than the commonly believed timeline of only 18 months.

A very resourceful individual, David built his own electric scooter. He even applied to the PhD program of Occupational Therapy of University of Southern California.

Listen to David’s interview. We wish Dave all the success!



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